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African longfin eel

According to the French national red list, the African longfin eel is a threatened species in France.

The African longfin eel lives in the western Indian Ocean, from the East coast of Africa up to the Mascarene Islands. When access is relatively easy, it can travel up watercourses to an altitude of 1000 metres. On Reunion Island it is also found in the island's coastal ponds. Like all othereelspecies, the survival of this migratory species depends on its free movement between the freshwater environment and the marine environment.

French national red list category; critical risk of extinction (CR)

In the absence of adapted obstacle crossing systems, developments along rivers are a serious hindrance to the completion of its life cycle.

Furthermore, the African longfin eel is subject to major fishing pressure, as is the case for many fish. Generally, eels are highly prized by fishermen and poachers, and large specimens (35 cm and over) are especially fished in large quantities. Thus, for the last dozen years, the population of reproductive adults, already extremely reduced, has continued to decline: hence the “criticallyendangered” status of this species on Reunion Island.


African longfin eel. © ARDA African longfin eel. © ARDA




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