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Titan 3 Commercial

The Titan 3 "commercial" rocket evolved from the 34D which was designed for "civil" launches. Its boosters provide 1120 tonnes of thrust at takeoff and the Aerojet stage engine provides 219 tonnes.

A modular rocket

The upper stage of the Titan 3 rocket is modular and can be adapted to the mission:

  • the Inertial Upper Stage (IUS);
  • the Centaur G-Prime;
  • the Transfer Orbit Stage (TOS);
  • the Payload Assist Module (PAM);
  • the Expendable Shuttle Compatible Orbit Transfer System (ESCOTS).

The fairing of the rocket is from the Ariane European rocket and, using the Speltra system, can carry two satellites.

Technical data:

Total height: 50 metres
Weight at takeoff: 760 tonnes
Payload weight in low orbit: 14.5 tonnes
Payload weight in GEO transfer: 4.5 tonnes
Payload weight in GEO: 2 tonnes
Launch site: Cape Canaveral
Commissioning date: 1998
Cost of launch (CER 88) $150 M
Constructor: Martin Marletta UTC/Aerojet

La fusée Titan 4
The Titan 4 "Commercial" rocket on its launchpad at Cape Canaveral
(Credits: NASA)




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