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Satellite orbit

A satellite is an object placed in orbit around the Earth. Satellites do not all orbit in the same way, and there are several terms to define the various types of orbit. A satellite in geostationary orbit is a satellite orbiting the Earth just above the equator (inclination 0 degrees) at the same speed (with a period of 24 hours) and in the same direction as the Earth, making it appear stationary to a terrestrial observer. A satellite in geosynchronous orbit is also a satellite orbiting around the Earth at the same speed and in the same direction as the Earth. However, it is generally slightly inclined relative to the equator and its trajectory may appear as a figure 8 to a terrestrial observer. Although not stationary, it remains above the same region of the Earth, passing to and fro across the equator. A satellite in polar orbit passes directly over the north and south poles of the Earth.



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