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The development of MYRIADE was decided by the CNES in 1998 as a follow on to the PROTEUS programme. The idea was to give the space community a means of access to space with reduced lead times and costs, for scientific applications as a priority, but also for technological or demonstrative applications.

Technological breakthroughs and especially the miniaturisation of electronics is making it possible to carry out high-performance missions in reduced spaces.

MYRIADE makes wide use of commercial components. The weight savings mean that low cost launching solutions can be used, either as the main payload on a small launcher or as an extra payload on a larger launcher.

In this way MYRIADE makes available to its users and partners:

* a set of functional chains to build a platform provided with options and which, with the addition of a payload, will form satellites of a typical weight of 100 to 150 kg;

* a ground component for scientific data acquisition and satellite , control and command;

* tools for analysing missions, satellite design, validation.

The CNES has signed partnership agreements with ALCATEL ALENIA SPACE and ASTRIUM, allowing these 2 companies to use the concepts developed to offer their own development applications.


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