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Jaxa, the Japanese space exploration agency was created on 1 October 2003 following the merger of three organisations in the aerospace and aeronautical sectors: the Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science (ISAS), which covered space and planetary research; the National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan (NAL), where research and development on next generation aircraft was carried out; and the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA), which was in charge of the development of high capacity launchers such as the H-IIA launcher, several satellites and elements of the International Space Station.

With the merger of these three organisations, Japan has been able to pursue space exploration systematically and on a continuous basis, from basic research to the development of practical applications. This merger also allowed Japan to combine all its cutting edge aerospace technology, an initiative that will give the country full entry into the space age. As an industry leader, Japan must play a leadership role in creating scientific knowledge. JAXA is therefore committed to advancing aerospace development by making Japan a nation with space capabilities alongside the other space powers of the world.

Logo of JAXA, the Japanese space agency

Logo of JAXA, the Japanese space agency


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