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Wood energy

Wood energy is, quite simply, wood used to produce fire, whether for heating, lighting, cooking or production of electricity.

This source of energy, the oldest source of energy used by man, comes from biomass. It is therefore a renewable, carbon-neutral energy, as long as the wood is used in a sustainable manner.

With the development of environmental awareness and growing understanding of the hydrocarbon related energy problems (price, supply, pollution), there has been a revival of interest in wood energy in the West.

This has led to the development and democratisation of techniques for using this resource, making it more practical and effective. With the use of automatic feeding systems (wood pellets) and high performance boilers, the wood-related chores, smoke and other inconveniences previously associated with burning wood, are no longer an issue.

Wood energy has thus once again become a credible alternative to fossil fuels in the building sector, to fight against CO2 emissions as well as to develop a local and sustainable economy.

A wood stove used to heat a home. © BevKnits CC by-nc-nd 2.0 A wood stove used to heat a home. © BevKnits CC by-nc-nd 2.0

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