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ISO 14.001

The ISO 14.001 standard is the most commonly used ISO (International Standard Organisation) 14.000 standard on environmental management. It is a quality standard based on the continuous improvement approach, taking into account the environment in businesses and associations.

As opposed to most ecolabels which address the environmental impact of a product, the ISO 14.001 standard concerns the impact of processes such as production, IT services, etc.

This certification therefore provides a framework for developing an environmental policy with objectives, in order to meet legislative requirements, improve internal processes and reduce their impacts and finally, to build a positive environmental image.

However beneficial this voluntary approach may be, it only guarantees that the entity in question has undertaken an improvement process to reduce its environmental impacts. It does not imply that its impact is non-existent, nor that the entity complies with applicable environmental legislation.

ISO 14.001 standard logo. © AFAQ

ISO 14.001 standard logo. © AFAQ


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