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Convention on Biological Diversity

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is one of the three international treaties signed in Rio de Janeiro during the 1992 Earth Summit.

Objective of the CBD

The objective of this convention is to ensure the conservation of biodiversity, in order to facilitate the sustainable use of its resources. The CBD widens the classic view of conservation by including the preservation of genetic diversity and making a link between ecosystems and ecological networks.

According to the point of view expressed by this convention, biodiversity is much more than lists of threatened species and remarkable species. Biodiversity is now understood in terms of ordinary biodiversity, as well as ecosystems and networks that include humans.

Actions implemented through the convention

In concrete terms, the Convention on Biological Diversity resulted in, among other initiatives, the establishment of the Pan-European ecological network (Natura 2000) and the adoption of the 2000 Carthage Protocol on biosafety.

Logo of the Convention on Biological Diversity. © CBD

Logo of the Convention on Biological Diversity. © CBD



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