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Bio Coherence

The Bio Coherence label, launched by the French organic agriculture industry, is a private French label intended to promote products that meet the requirements of the European organic ecolabel, while going further in terms of organic agricultural practises.

Bio Coherence carries over the previous requirements of the AB organic label specifications before it was aligned with the specifications of the European organic label, toughens certain criteria and adds a continuous improvement approach (charter, analysis).

In particular, this ecolabel is different from the AB and European labels because of its:

  • zero tolerance for GMO contamination, as opposed to 0.1% for the previous AB label and 0.9% for the European label;
  • a 100% organic product content for transformed products (as opposed to 95% for the other labels);
  • 100% organic feed for livestock;
  • reduction of the use of veterinary products (e.g. antibiotics, anti-parasites);
  • the obligation for farming operations to be 100%;
  • etc.

The label is granted by an internal committee of the Alternative Bio 2009 / Bio Coherence association and is monitored by five accredited certifying bodies.

The Bio Coherence label should arrive on shelves in France in 2011.

Bio Coherence, the new French organic agriculture label. © DR

Bio Coherence, the new French organic agriculture label. © DR


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