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Agro-forestry-hunting balance

The agro-forestry-hunting balance is a dynamic balance that actors seek in environments where agriculture, forestry and hunting coexist.

The agro-forestry-hunting balance for biodiversity

The objective of this balance is to durably sustain rich and diverse wildlife (biodiversity) compatible with sustainable and profitable agricultural and forestry activities.

To reach this equilibrium, actors in the rural world use the following methods:

  • hunting;
  • regulation of populations;
  • implementation of buffer zones (game ranching, wildlife fallow…);
  • use of protection (fences, deterrents, etc.) ;
  • introduction or reintroduction of individuals or species;
  • creation, maintenance and restoration of natural habitats (embankments, hedges, ponds, etc.).

Difficulties of maintaining this balance

The specialisation of spaces (agricultural land, forestry land) and the absence of large predators are some of the difficulties faced in reaching and maintaining the agro-forestry-hunting balance. In fact, wild animals ignore the division of land into these specialisations and feed wherever they find food, without predators to control wildlife populations.

Without intervention, one of the three components of the balance could gain the upper hand and cause malfunctions:

  • maximum agricultural and forestry output; regression of fauna and game;
  • proliferation of wildlife; much damage to agricultural operations; destruction of crops and endangerment of the natural process of forest regeneration.

Therefore the search for consensus is necessary between the different actors (farmers, foresters, hunters) in order to develop and share their territory. These actors must also replace predators that have disappeared, by using hunting plans and administrative beats, for example.

Damage caused in a field by wild boars. © Sasa Kunovac/Université de Sarajevo, CC by-sa 3.0 Damage caused in a field by wild boars. © Sasa Kunovac/Université de Sarajevo, CC by-sa 3.0

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