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Agenda 21

During the 1992 Rio Conference, a programme for the 21st century based on sustainable development was established: Agenda 21. The term "Agenda" must be understood here in the Anglo-Saxon sense of the word, which means programme, plan of action .

Under the principle of "Think globally, act locally", Agenda 21 defines the sectors in which local authorities must integrate sustainable development principles: governance, the fight against poverty, health, education, waste and sanitation, management of resources and natural spaces, etc.

In France, Agenda 21 is delegated to local authorities under the local Agenda 21programme. These local projects bring together public institutions, associations, citizens and even trade unions in an approach to foster continual, harmonious improvement of the economy, sociocultural elements and the environment.

Both a plan of action and a method, the local Agenda 21 programme is created over 3-4 years from an analysis, cooperative efforts between different actors and the implementation of a plan of action subject to evaluation and indicators. A steering committee directs the implementation of the local plan.

The local Agenda 21 in France in 2010. ©

The local Agenda 21 in France in 2010. ©


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