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AB Label

The AB label, an organic label, indicates that the farmer who produced the product used organic farming methods. It is a statement of fact. " The organic regulations define the rules of conduct and lists approved biological pest control solutions," explains Aurore Issouf, Director of Research and Development of Jardin Bio. "With regard to the environment, the Fairtrade / Max Havelaar standards require the implementation of resource management for water, soil, waste and energy. They require a decrease of pesticide use over time and provide precautionary principles for use... ".

According to the Agence Bio (the French public institute that promotes organic agriculture), this label guarantees:

  • That at least 95% of ingredients used in the food product were produced organically, through agronomic and farming practices that respect natural balances, the environment and the well-being of animals;
  • Respect of the applicable French regulations;
  • That certification is controlled by an organism approved by the French public authorities and meeting independence, impartiality, competence and efficacy criteria as defined by European standard EN 45011.

Since 1st January 2009 the specifications for the French AB label have conformed to the European Organic label specifications, of which the renewed logo has been mandatory since 1st July 2010.

The French organic industry therefore decided to create a new organic label, in addition to the European ecolabel: the private Bio Cohérence, or Organic Coherence label. This should appear on shelves in 2011.

AB Label logo.

AB Label logo.


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