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Main sequence star

A main sequence star is a standard star like the Sun which burns hydrogen in nuclear reactions to produce energy. The other types of stars include giant stars, supergiants and white dwarfs.

Standard stars are therefore in general on the main sequence on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

(Credit: CSIRO Australia 2004).
(Credit: CSIRO Australia 2004).

Depending on their position in the main sequence, the stars do not have the same weight and do not stay the same time on the main sequence as can be seen in the diagram below. Depending on their weight, stars eventually become supernovae (SN) or white dwarfs (WD).

The Sun in particular will evolve as shown, becoming a giant, a supergiant and finally a white dwarf.

(Credit: CSIRO Australia 2004).
(Credit: CSIRO Australia 2004).



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