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Solvay congress

The Solvay congresses are scientific physics and chemistry conferences held since 1911. Since the Second World War they have been held over a three-year cycle: physics conference the first year, no conference the second year, chemistry conference the third year.

Ernest Solvay was a Belgian chemist and industrialist who had a passion for science. He decided to organise meetings at the highest level and at his own expense between the foremost scientists in physics and chemistry.

The Solvay conference of 1927 is especially famous because it is considered as the founding event of quantum mechanics. At that time the work of researchers such as Heisenberg, Bohr, Schrödinger etc. was sufficiently complete and advanced for the new mechanics to be constructed.

The disagreement between Bohr and Einstein as to the final physical interpretation for the new theory left its mark.

Solvay congress Solvay congress


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