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Filament winding

Filament winding is a technique for producing rotating parts by winding composite materials on a former before polymerisation.

In the field of composites this term denotes the winding of filaments or ribbons impregnated with resin.

The filament winding comprises:
• dry winding, with the filament previously impregnated in a machine (the two-roll treater);
• wet winding, the filament being impregnated during winding (the more common).

The filament laying trajectories are geodesics on the former (curves for the ideal trajectories of filaments on the former and along which they are in stable equilibrium).

The two main types of filament winding are:
• helical winding (the filament follows a helical trajectory on the former);
• circumferential winding (the angle between the generatrix and the filament is practically 90°).

The machines are helical, planar or polar.


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