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Vitamin A

The direct form of vitamin Aretinol has only recently been found in quantities in animal foods And only in the following foods: fish oils, liver, egg yolk, and also caviar are all very good sources. Retinol, a well-known anti-oxidant, also protects against cardiovascular diseases.

There is another source of vitamin A or rather provitamin A, a substance which our body can convert into vitamin A. This substance, beta-carotene, you know well. It is found in carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and red peppers and above all in lamb's lettuce salad. It is also found in melon, mango and apricots. And not forgetting blueberries and blackberries – blackcurrants and blueberries – which the allied pilots ate in large amounts during the second world war. Apart from the many benefits listed above, vitamin A develops our night vision

We want to know if you do not have enough of it? In particular, deficiency causes red eyes and dry skin. Fragile tooth enamel is also a sign as is recurrent loss of appetite. Fragile tooth enamel can also be a sign as can be recurrent loss of appetite.

Egg yolk, a source of vitamin A. DR Credits Egg yolk, a source of vitamin A. DR Credits



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