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The venotonics are medicines intended to treat venous circulation abnormalities. They are also called phlebotonics and are taken orally or by application to the skin. These medicines are used to treat lower limb venous insufficiency (heavy legs, tingling, cramps, oedema, varicose veins) and in symptoms of capilliary fragility: repeated bruises, bleeding from the gums and nose and haemorrhoids.

How do the venotonics work?

Phlebotonics increase the tone of the venous wall by stimulating circulation of blood and helping to combat damage to the capillaries. These are mostly, however, symptomatic treatments. They therefore need be used in conjunction with lifestyle measures. A balanced diet with regular physical activity combined with physical compression measures (stockings, tights, etc.) can reduce venous insufficiency.

Do they have contraindications or precautions?

Venotonics have few side effects. However,some patients can suffer gastro-intestinal problems or occasional skin allergies.


Venotonics combat venous insufficiency.  © Phovoir Venotonics combat venous insufficiency. © Phovoir

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