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Progestogen pill

Unlike the combined contraceptives that contain two synthetic hormones, the progestogen pills only contain a single hormone, a progestogen. These must be take at the same time every day of the year without interruption. They are generally given to women for whom oestrogens are contraindicated.

How does the progestogen pills work?

Progestogen pills contain a very low dose of progestogen. In the "normal situation" the progestogen prepares the uterus for nidation. When it is taken throughout the cycle, however, it thickens the entry to the cervix and prevents spermatozoa passing through.

Does it have contraindications and should precautions be taken?

The progestogens are generally associated with androgenic effects such as acne, irritation, and weight gain in some women. They can also cause metrorrhagia, i.e. bleeding occurring between periods, or even irregular menstruation.

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The progestogen pill needs to be taken every day! © Phovoir The progestogen pill needs to be taken every day! © Phovoir

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