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Precordial pain

Precordial pain is a pain located in the precordial region, i.e. in front of the heart. The term comes from the Latin praecordia and refers to the anterior region of the chest. In other words it is located just in front of the heart.

Whether it develops as attacks or continuously, precordial pain is therefore located in this part of the body. People must always take notice and seek urgent medical opinion for this.

Causes of precordial pain

The most serious of these pain is of course due to coronary artery disease. In other words, precordial pain can be due to angina pectoris. Pericarditis – an inflammation of the pericardium, the membrane which surrounds the heart - can also cause precordial pain. In the same way, so can pulmonary embolism and even extrathoracic problems such as some rheumatic or gastro-intestinal tract diseases. If you are concerned or are the least unsure consult a doctor. Without waiting.

Source : Dictionnaire de Cardiologie, French Académie nationale de médecine.

Precordial pain? Consult a doctor. © Phovoir Precordial pain? Consult a doctor. © Phovoir

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