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Polypeptides are antibiotics which are generally used locally, cutaneously, by instillations into ear or eye, by vaginal application or as a paste when used in dental disease. These medicines are indicated for use against specific strains of staphylococci and some ophthalmological infections.

How do polypeptides work ?

Polypeptides inhibit the cell wall of the bacterium. Since they cause the cell to die, these antibiotics are described as bactericides.

Do they have contraindications or do they need precautions?

Some of these antibiotics, particularly the polymyxins, are nephrotoxic. In other words they may cause kidney impairment. They are therefore contraindicated in patients with a known history of kidney disease or who are suffering from kidney disease.


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Polypeptides are local antibiotics. © Phovoir Polypeptides are local antibiotics. © Phovoir

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