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Human plasma albumin

Human plasma albumen solutions are prepared from a mixture of blood, plasma, serum or placental tissues obtained from healthy donors. They are then treated by a heat process to inactivate any viruses or bacteria present in order to avoid any risk of transmitting a disease such as viral hepatitis or HIVinfection.

Human albumin is used to maintain plasma volume when depletion of plasma proteins may last for several days or weeks. This applies particularly in ulcerative colitis, peritonitis, or acute intestinal obstruction. Albumin is an essential protein as it both stabilises circulating blood volume and transports hormones, enzymes, medicines and toxins.

Do they have contraindications or precautions?

Side effects from human albumin are rare. Patients may, however, develop fever, nausea or urticaria. A few cases of hypotension have been reported.


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Human albumin is a plasma derivative. © Phovoir Human albumin is a plasma derivative. © Phovoir

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