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The fibrates are also called fibric acid derivatives and are lipid-lowering agents. This means that they reduce lipid (fat) levels in the blood. These compounds were discovered in the 1970s They are used when high levels of lipids (triglycerides, cholesterol) are present in the blood. They are used second line when lifestyle and dietetic measures are insufficient.

How do the fibrates work?

Schematically, the fibrates act as "cholesterol refuse collectors" They speed up its transfer to the liver where it is degraded and therefore reduce the amounts in the blood. And therefore in the blood vessels.

Do they have contraindications or precautions?

The fibrates can cause gastro-intestinal side effects (dyspepsia, abdominal pain). When they are combined with other treatments such as the statins they carry a risk of muscle toxicity. In addition, some patients can experience skin rashes or even headaches. Patients should always talk to their doctor about these.


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The fibrates are cholesterol "refuse collectors". © Phovoir The fibrates are cholesterol "refuse collectors". © Phovoir

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