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Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder due to a toxin or infection by the colibacilli (present in the intestine).

It has many and varied symptoms, particularly pain on passing urine, an urgent desire to pass urine, or blood in the urine.

Women are affected far more often than men because of the arrangement of their genitourinary system and proximity to the anus which predisposes to infection from pathogens present in the vagina and from colibacilli in the intestine.

The illness takes various forms. Symptoms may be mild and transient, although the disease may progress to acute cystitis. Recurrences are very common.

Prevention is through genital hygiene (for example wiping from front to back in women, after passing urine, in order not to bring intestinal coli bacteria towards the front). Large amounts of water should be drunk (at least 1.5 litres per day). the risk of urinary infections is reduced by taking cranberry a small red berry, either as a juice or in tablet form.

Treatment involves antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, and drinking large amounts of water.


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