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Curares are a family of anaesthetic medicines administered for general anaesthesia. They are administered intravenously by intensive care physicians-anaesthetists.

What is the action mechanism of curares?

These medicines act by blocking transmission of messages between nerves and muscles. They are therefore used to paralyse the muscles of the vocal cords, for example, in order to make intubation of a surgical patient easier. They also produce the muscle relaxation required for some abdominal procedures.

Do they have any contraindications or precautions?

The main side effect of the curares is their potential for allergy. This is the effect responsible for the anaesthetic accidents usually reported for these substances.

Source: Interview with Dr Véronique Bazin, anaesthetist at Nantes University Hospital, 16 June 2011

The curares are administered intravenously.  © Phovoir The curares are administered intravenously. © Phovoir

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