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Central antihypertensive

The central antihypertensives inhibit the sympathetic nervous system centrally. These are prescribed particularly to patients suffering from essentialhypertension – i.e. hypertension with no clearly identified cause, which is often difficult to control. The indications for their use, however, have been reduced because of the severity of the side effects of this class of treatment.

How do the central antihypertensives work?

These medicines act on the central nervous system, on the sympathetic system, which in particular, controls heart rate.

Do they have contraindications or precautions?

These medicines cause dry mouth and may cause drowsiness. Also, when the treatment is stopped a "rebound" effect may occur with a large rise in blood pressure, tachycardia, sweating, agitation etc. The problems can be stopped by restarting the treatment.


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These treatments inhibit the sympathetic nervous system. © Phovoir These treatments inhibit the sympathetic nervous system. © Phovoir

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