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Bile acid chelator

The resins are lipid lowering or cholesterol lowering treatments which reduce lipid levels in blood. They are known as bile acid chelators or sequestrants and are used in isolated hypercholesterolaemia.

How to the bile acid chelators work?

The aim of the resins is to reduce cholesterolconcentrations in an indirect way. As a reminder, cholesterol is involved in the production of many substances in our body, including bile produced in the liver. The purpose of resins is to bind the bile acids, whose role is to make lipids, from the diet, soluble and thus facilitate their digestion. By "sequestering" these treatments it encourages the liver to make more bile. As it needs to use cholesterol to do this, it uses more of it and less remains in the blood.

Do they have contraindications or precautions?

The bile acid chelators can cause constipation, abdominal cramp, bloating and even nausea. They can also increase triglyceride concentrations. They should therefore be avoided in hypertriglyceridaemia.

Source: Merck Manual – 4th editionAfssaps

Resins, bile acid "sequestrants" ! © Phovoir Resins, bile acid "sequestrants" ! © Phovoir

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