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Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous or pilo-sebaceous glands, which is restricted to the face and the upper part of the chest in juvenile acne or acne vulgaris. The lesions can become more florid as in the cystic nodular form.

- The form acne conglobata is a combination of deep abscesses and greasy sebaceous cysts, typically forming on the face and back of the neck.

- The fulminant form particularly affects males between 15 and 30 years old. It occurs either after exposure to sunlight or following treatment of acne with retinoic acid and involves general symptoms (high temperature, joint pains, malaise) and local symptoms (hyperacute skin lesions tending to become necrotic which then ulcerate). Bone lesions may occur.

- Application of corticosteroids is contraindicated in all forms of acne as these worsen the lesions.




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