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Homo sapiens

Homo sapiens is the present-day species of human beings (from 200,000 years ago until now).

Three hundred thousand years ago the first direct representative of our species appeared on the earth: Homo sapiens. They gradually replaced all of the other hominids. They explored the earth, reaching all parts of our planet, and then became sedentary and started to conquer the world of the imagination. They discovered art, magic, and invisible worlds. They are permanently challenged by nature: catastrophies, climate and geological changes.

Their brains developed and branched out to dizzying heights. This wise man, homo sapiens, became a great thinker.

They defined their place, laid down their boundaries and invented property, family, and defence of their own land, marital life, work, and farming. When they gathered together in villages, homo sapiens also came up against an invisible enemy: viruses, infections, and epidemics. With demographic expansion, they organised and created societies. They then began to domesticate animals that increased their power to combat the elements. They became so powerful that they could no longer be thought of as resulting from nature. They created the divine to explain their origin. And they worshipped the divine and immortalised its presence in paintings, tombs, and monuments dedicated to the gods. And they invented writing, architecture, and medicine.



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