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Asynchronous digital subscriber line: ADSL is one of the xDSL technologies to improve the performance of access networks, especially the subscriber's classic copper wire telephone line. By the use of two modems, one on the subscriber's premises and the other on the subscriber's line in front of the main distribution frame, the network speed can be considerably improved with transmission 70 times faster than with an ordinary analogue modem. ADSL works by reserving a part of the bandwidth for voice transmission, another part for upload data and a third larger part for download data. To restore the voice correctly, filters are placed at each end of the line to eliminate the unwanted parts of the signal. ADSL technology is especially suitable for local loops, as the speed drops with the length of the line. Its low cost makes it an attractive solution for fast internet access.

Modem router ADSL wireless (Bluetooth).

Modem router ADSL wireless (Bluetooth).




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