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Summer comfort

Summer comfort (French RT2005) specifies that the conventional interior temperature reached during the summer must be lower than the reference temperature. Summer comfort depends on the parameters that can be used to reduce discomfort due to excessive heat. These parameters are linked to building design and management, and to some physiological elements. Summer comfort is achieved through the control of these parameters, without necessarily using air conditioning. The requirement standards for summer comfort are included in the French 2005 Thermal Regulation (RT 2005): French Order of 24th May 2006.

External factors

In the summer exterior heat penetrates the building in the form of direct sunlight, through transmission of heat through surfaces (walls, windows, roof) and the entrance of hot air (airtightness and ventilation defects).

Internal factors

Internal factors should not be ignored: they include the operation of all electric devices (lighting, refrigerator, television...), and cooking energy, which transforms into heat in the building. Occupants are also a heat source.

Summer comfort: hot outside, cool inside. Credits: ADEME Summer comfort: hot outside, cool inside. Credits: ADEME

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