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Smoke detector

Smoke detectors help limit negative consequences if a fire breaks out. A smoke detector continually monitors the ambient air within a residence. A smoke detector is programmed to detect smoke and immediately issue an alert through an audible alarm.

Smoke detector certification

Smoke detectors must be NF certified or have an equivalent label. In France, only the French NFS 61-966 standard guarantees the reliability of devices (components, presence of low or no battery indicators and standby, presence of a test device).

Smoke detectors are intended for private areas of a residence. Deaths caused by fires are four times less likely in residences equipped with smoke detectors.

A few figures

A domestic fire starts every 2 minutes in France. This is a disastrous trend with heavy consequences. A few statistics:

  • 10,000 victims every year, including nearly 800 deaths ;
  • 70% of fatal domestic fires occur at night;
  • 80% of deaths are caused by intoxication (carbon monoxide...) ;
  • 80% of deaths by fire are caused by residential fires while these only represent 25% of all fires, fire is the leading cause of death among children under 5 years old.

Smoke detectors can save lives. Credits: DR. Smoke detectors can save lives. Credits: DR.

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