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VDSL 2, the Very High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line 2, provides a speed of 100 Mb/s on a twisted pair connecting the subscriber located at less than 500 m; VDSL 2 is a good candidate for very high speed connection at the end of the local loop.

VDSL 2 technology was standardised on 27 May 2005 by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) as recommendation G.993.

It uses a frequency spectrum extended to 30 MHz, compared with 12 MHz for first generation VDSL and provides a theoretical 100 Mb/s simultaneous upstream and downstream speed, i.e. an aggregate rate of 200 Mb/s per port. At this rate the maximum range of a VDSL link drops to less than 500 m between the subscriber and the operator, given that asymmetric combinations of 70 Mb/s downstream and 30 Mb/s upstream are also possible. Echo cancelling techniques have been added to satisfy the need for transmission between 1 and 2 km.




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