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MediaFLO (FLO means Forward Link Only) was a proprietary technology for broadcasting over mobile networks developed by Qualcomm, a company specialising in the development of chips and applications for wireless networks. Qualcomm wanted to invest over 800 million dollars in its deployment over the next few years.

It broadcast in the UHF band in the 716 - 722 Mhz slot acquired by Qualcomm in 2004 before wider broadcasting in the analogue television bands.

Like the DVB-H IP datacasts, MediaFLO was able to aggregate many content sources: videos, clip loops, radio and even IP data.

Tests and deployment

FLO technology, a strong rival of T-DMB and DVB-H, was initially intended for the American market. But Qualcomm wanted to extend its technology internationally. However, with the success of DVB-H, their FLO TV service was shut down in 2011, their FCC licence having been purchased by AT&T in 2010.


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