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DVB-SH (satellite services for mobile equipment) is a variant of DVB-H using S band broadcasting (2.2 GHz), used for satellite communications and based on the IP Datacasts. This standard is at the heart of the French "TéléVision Mobile Sans Limite" or TVMSL project led by Alcatel, which aims to create wide mobile TV coverage by satellite broadcasting associated with relay stations. A satellite was launched for Alcatel with Eutelsat in 2008.

The advantage of this project is in its wide coverage (requiring coupling with a terrestrial network such as S-DMB), and also in the fact that the S band is widely available in Europe for telecommunications. It could be deployed as a complement to DVB-H (with DVB-H repeaters indoors and in urban zones, and DVB-SH backup in rural zones).

DVB-SH is based on turbo-codes and interleaving of flexible data. There are two modes:
• SH-A: uses COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) on satellite and terrestrial links;
• SH-B: TDM type modulation on the satellite link and COFMD for the terrestrial links.

At the 53rd meeting of the DVB steering committee (February 2007), this standard was approved by the DVB project.


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