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The Micral-N is generally considered to be the first micro-computer (a computer using a microprocessor). It was designed in 1972-73 by the French company R2E directed by André Truong and François Gernelle. It started life with an order from the INRA which could not afford a mini-computer.

The Micral-N was built around the Intel 8008 microprocessor which cost 8500 francs (which today represents about the same number of Euros taking inflation into account). As can be seen in the photo, this machine looked nothing like a modern computer. Various other models were introduced subsequently benefiting from advances in microprocessors. Although this computer remained unknown to the public, many people have gone past one in their travels because it equipped motorway toll booths with cash payment facilities.

In 1979 R2E was bought by Bull who used the name Micral for their own computers.

The Micral.

The Micral.


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