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The EGEE (Enabling Grid for E-sciences in Europe) project is financed by the European Commission and involves experts from 27 countries.

The aim of the EGEE project is to use the latest technology to set up a computing grid infrastructure available everywhere in Europe 24h*7.

With a budget of 30 million Euros, the project is one of the biggest of its kind.

The project aims to provide large calculating and storage resources for academic and industrial researchers wherever they are located. Three types of scientific application, including life sciences and high energy physics, have been chosen to demonstrate the feasibility of this kind of infrastructure. The EGEE should attract new scientific applications.

The project will focus on three areas

* Building a coherent, robust and secure grid;
/>* Continuously improving software quality to give users reliable service;
/>* Attracting new scientific and industrial users by demonstrating the new potential offered by this calculating grid and making sure they receive high quality training and support.

The grid will use the European Union's broadband network (GEANT) and make the best use of expertise built up from the many past, present and future national and international calculating grid projects.


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