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Peaches are refreshing and sweet, and can be enjoyed throughout the summer.

Peach season

Peaches are available throughout the summer season, from June to late September. Yellow or white, peaches have always been extremely popular in summer. True stars of the market stalls, this fruit is also good for your health, as it is rich in vitamin C and refreshing in hot weather.

Nutritional value of peaches

On holiday, besides cocktails, you can also quench your thirst with peaches. Peaches are very refreshing fruit that rehydrate without added sugar. One hundred grammes of peaches only contain 40 calories. Peaches are also a good source of vitamins. During the summer, peaches make a great breakfast food. In addition, people who enjoy sun-tanning over long periods of time may prefer yellow peaches, which are rich in provitamin A, which favours a tanned complexion.

Peach varieties

In France, over 300 varieties of peaches are grown and produced depending on the region and ripening period. Consumers who do not know much about peaches can recognise the fruit by its white or yellow colour. 40% of white fleshed varieties and 60% of yellow fleshed varieties are produced in metropolitan France. Peaches are, of course, produced by peach trees. But contrary to popular belief, white as well as yellow nectarines can also grow on this fruit tree.

Cooking peaches

Just like apricots, which are also popular summer fruit, peaches go just as well with starters as they do with desserts. All you need is a little mesclun with some goat’s cheese. Peaches are also perfect for blitzing in a blender to make smoothies. Cooks also like to add peaches to gratin dishes.

Nectarines are a variety of peach and can be eaten all summer long. © Wikimedia Common Nectarines are a variety of peach and can be eaten all summer long. © Wikimedia Common

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