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Onions are eaten all year round, for their flavours and nutrients.

Onion season

White or fresh onions are available for consumption once harvested, from April through September. Yellow or dry onions are harvested in August and are storage onions (they can be eaten all year). Red onions are eaten from June through March.

Nutritional value of onions

Generally eaten in small quantities, onions have many nutritional benefits. Rich in vitamin C, they contain many minerals and trace elements. Onions have diuretic, hypoglycemic and antibacterial properties and contribute to good cardiovascular health.

Onion varieties

Among yellow onions, sweet Cevennes onions have a mild flavour. There is also the Pink Roscoff from the Brittany region of France.

Onion facts

In spring and summer, it is best to choose fresh onions. In bunches. Nice green leaves are a sign of freshness.

Cutting onions can hurt your eyes: they can become irritated and fill with tears. This is due to a volatile compound found in onions. To avoid this inconvenience, wear glasses or peel onions under the tap...

Onions are nutritious and rich in vitamin C. © Wikimedia Commons Onions are nutritious and rich in vitamin C. © Wikimedia Commons

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