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Melon season

The melon is a summer fruit found on markets between June and August.

Nutritional value of melons

Low in calories (30 to 50 kilocalories per 100 grammes), the melon provides significant quantities of vitamins C and B9, fibre and especially provitamin A (carotene).

Melon varieties

There are three major varieties of melon:

  • the Charentais melon , with sweet orange flesh and a green rind;
  • the Galia melon , with green flesh and a sweet flavour;
  • yellow and green melons with white flesh.

Choosing melons

A melon's fragrance and heaviness is a sign that it is full of sugar. If the peduncle is no longer present or if it is very wrinkly, the melon may be perfectly ripe.

The melon is a very sweet summer fruit. © DR The melon is a very sweet summer fruit. © DR

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