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The leek is a very low-calorie vegetable, perfect for a healthy diet.

Leek season

The leek is mainly eaten in autumn between September and November, but some varieties can be picked until March.

Nutritional value of leeks

A diuretic food with a low energy content, the leek is a kitchen garden plant with a very low calorie content (27 kilocalories per 100 grammes) and a high vitamin and mineral content.

Leek varieties

The Carentan Monster is enjoyed for its taste. The Elbeuf leek is quite short and its head is thicker. The Solaise blue leek has bluish foliage and a long head.

Preparing leeks

To prepare leeks, remove the roots and the base and split its base along the entire length of its leaves . You must also thoroughly wash it under running water and brush the leaves to remove all traces of soil.

Leeks are good autumn vegetables. © Wikimedia Commons Leeks are good autumn vegetables. © Wikimedia Commons

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