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Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke season

The Jerusalem artichoke, a plant similar to the sunflower, is a winter vegetable harvested between October and March.

Nutritional value of the Jerusalem artichoke

With a moderate amount of calories (31 kilocalories per 100 grammes) the Jerusalem artichoke can be used as a substitute for a potatoes (85 kilocalories per 100 grammes). It contains vitamins (B), minerals and important trace elements. It is rich in inulin, a type of fibre, which makes it a laxative and an irritant for people with delicate intestinal systems.

Varieties of Jerusalem artichokes

The common red Jerusalem artichoke is often found in stores, but a few other varieties are also eaten, such as the Rennes violet or common white Jerusalem artichoke.

Jerusalem artichoke facts

The tuber of the Jerusalem artichoke looks like ginger, but its taste is closer to that of the artichoke. It can be stored for a week if placed in a moist bag placed in the vegetable crisper, so that it does not dry out.

The Jerusalem artichoke is a tuber vegetable. © DR The Jerusalem artichoke is a tuber vegetable. © DR

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