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Celery is a vegetable of which the stalks (or petioles) are edible.

Celery season

Celery is found on market stalls from June to February.

Nutritional value of celery

For a long time celery has been used as a medicinal plant (aphrodisiac). It is low in calories (15 kilocalories per 100 grammes) and rich in mineral salts (potassium, calcium and iron), trace elements and fibre.

Celery varieties

Celery is a species that has been cultivated; thus the petiole has been developed (as opposed to celeriac, of which the root has been developed).

Celery facts

Celery heads are rather heavy. Its foliage is blond to dark green. Its stalks are white, fleshy, shiny and crunchy when fresh.

Celery stalks are eaten. © Wikimedia Commons Celery stalks are eaten. © Wikimedia Commons

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