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The carrot, of which the root is eaten, has good nutritional benefits.

Carrot season

Carrots are eaten fresh from April through October, or all year round if they are stored.

Nutritional value of carrots

Carrots are vegetables that contain little energy (33 kilocalories per 100 grammes) and many vitamins, including a high content of provitamin A, minerals (potassium) and fibre. Its vitamins and antioxidants content give carrots a role in preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Carrot varieties

Carrot varieties follow the seasons. In spring, for example, the Grelot and Bellot varieties are found, followed by the Nantaise variety. In autumn, tasty long or half-long carrots appear.

Carrot storage

Carrots keep for one week in the vegetable crisper, while early carrots, which are more fragile, can only be kept in it for two days.

There are many varieties of carrots. © DR There are many varieties of carrots. © DR

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