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Eat apricots in summer, without moderation.

Apricot season

Arriving on markets in late May, the apricot season usually comes to an end in late August. Do not judge an apricot by its bright orange colour, sometimes tinged with red. This has nothing to do with the ripness the fruit. In fact, apricots do not ripen after they have been picked. When choosing apricots, hold them in your hand, so you can feel if they are fleshy, supple to the touch and fragrant. This fruit is eaten when perfectly ripe and therefore delicious.

Apricot varieties

Different varieties of apricots appear succesively throughout the season. In July, large quantities of the Provence orange variety are sold. This variety is grown in Provence, in the Baronnies and Ventoux regions. The Bergeron apricot is also sold.

Nutritional value of apricots

It's easy to add apricots to your diet. They are truly perfect additions to a healthy diet, especially in summer. Apricots are one of the fruit with the highest amount of provitamin A, which is also called carotene. Apricots contain no more than 30 kilocalories per average sized apricot. They are also rich in potassium, iron and copper.

Cooking apricots

There are many ways to cook apricots. The least talented cooks can follow a simple recipe: fry the fruit with a dab of butter, vanilla, star anise and cinnamon. Sauté the apricot halves for five minutes. Apricots can also be baked in the oven, sliced with basil or used to accompany pork filet mignon.

Apricots are summer fruit, perfect for a healthy diet. © Wikimedia Commons Apricots are summer fruit, perfect for a healthy diet. © Wikimedia Commons

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