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Apple season

The apple season varies depending on the variety, but most apples reach maturity between September and March.

Nutritional value of apples

Apples are fruit that are low in calories (40 kilocalories per 100 grammes) and rich in vitamins (B, C, E) and fibre. The pectin in apples helps fight bad cholesterol, and the antioxidants in apples help fight high blood pressure. The fibres also help intestinal transit.

Apple varieties

There are many varieties of apples, with different flavours and textures:

  • Granny Smith is tangy and crunchy;
  • Golden Delicious is sweet, crunchy and juicy;
  • Gala is very sweet and is a great type of cooking apple.

Eating and storing apples

Apples can be kept for several days in a fruit basket in a room that is not overheated. To prevent them from continuing to ripen, keep them in the crisper.

Apples can be eaten fresh or cooked. They are also very good alongside savoury dishes.

There are many varieties of apples (here, two Fuji apples). © DR There are many varieties of apples (here, two Fuji apples). © DR

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