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Beetroot is grown for its tuberous root.

Beetroot season

Beetroot is mainly found on the market between May and October.

Nutritional qualities of beetroot

It is relatively high calorie for a vegetable (40 kilocalories per 100 grams), although it would be a shame not to eat it as it contains a large amount of minerals and trace elements, fibres, and vitamins (B9, C).

Varieties of beetroot

The early (or globe) beetroot with dark flesh is a variety with a round root. These are the varieties that are most often eaten. Other varieties such as crapaudine, which has a long root, are also grown.

Choosing the right beetroot

It should be firm with a skin which is not too dry when raw. When it is cooked, the skin should be smooth with no black spots or cracks.

Beetroots are eaten for their roots. © Beetroots are eaten for their roots. ©

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